Backlight repair CCFL's  connector  


LCD backlight CCFL connector / plug is very smaller and thinner. Because Backlight CCFL inverter output is more than 1000V AC, so the connector plastice material is quite important. Japanes JST plug in CCFL backlight yeild is porpular.


OVL (Nanjing) Electronics kept a lot of stock of CCFL connectors for CCFL repair wire harness required. Those CCFL connector are suitable many brand’s LCD backlight repair wire harness, such as  Sharp, NEC, Toshiba, Hitachi,  Auo, Chimei, ChangHua, HanStar, Samsung, LG Display, BOE, etc.


OVL (Nanjing)electronics provide Kruabe, Sumitomo wire too in roll or cut, Red / Blue/ White / Black colors are available, cutting definite length is acceptable.   



                  CCFL Backlight wireKurabe #3239                                                             CCFL JST connectors


            CCFL backlight repair connector                       CCFL JST 2pin / 3pin / 4pin / 5 pin connector



                      CCFL wire terminal                                        TV Screen backlight CCFL connector