CCFL wire harness / CCFL wires 


CCFL wire harness is composed of CCFL high voltage wire, high electric insulation strangth CCFL connector and good soldering materials


OVL (Nanjing) Electronics adopted Japanese Kurabe, Sumitomo wire, JST connector / Plug to make a lot of LCD backlight repair required CCFL wire harness,  Laptop, Desktop, Monitor single CCFL wire harness, Dual CCFL wire harness, Triple CCFL wire harness are available. It can match many brand's LCD backlight repair required, such as Toshiba, NEC, Sharp, Hitachi, Auo, Chimei, CPT, Han-Star, Samsung, LG display, BOC, Apple, etc.


OVL (Nanjing) Electronics provide Kruabe, Sumitomo cable in Red / Blue / White / Black colors, cutting a difinite length wire is acceptable,  it is quite convenient for customers. 



                   JST CCFL Wire harness                                                 JST 2pin CCFL Wire harness


                  2pin CCFL Wire harness                                                    Dual CCFL Wire harness


                   JST 3-Pin CCFL Wire harness                                          TV Screen CCFL Wire harness