LCD backlight LED Light Bar / LED Light Strip


LED bar / LED Strip for LCD LED backlight is the current LCD screen backlight modules major technology, from 2009 LED bar have instead CCFL backlight widely and very quickly. Now more than 80% LCD backlight have adopt LED bar / LED strip. It has several advantages are as below:


1. LED light bulb / LED strip can saves more energy power than CCFL back light

2. LED light bulb / LED strip is free of Hg and more environmentally friendly

3. LED light bulb / LED strip take little space, which helps to reduce the thin of LCD
4. LED light bulb / LED strip has longer life compare with CCFL backlight
5. LED light bulb / LED strip has much lower driving voltage, which is saver than CCFL


OVL (Nanjing) Electronics has developed a lot of P/N LED Light Bar / LED strip meet Copy machine, GPS, POS, ATM, Laptop, Monitor, TV screen backlight replacement / LCD backlight repair.


          10.1" LCD light bar for Laptop                                        10.1" LCD LED light strip 

          Chimei LCD: N101L6-L0A-C2                                          IVO LCD: M101NWT2-R2        



              20.0" Desktop Led backlight                                      14.1" Laptop Led light strip

          Innolux Panel: MT200LW02-V0-01                                LGP Panel: LP140WH6-TJA3



                 24" Monitor Led backlight                                                     14.1" laptop led light bulb    

              AUO LCD: M240HW01-VD-00                                               LG LCD: LP141WP2-TPA1   


                   15.4 " Laptop Led backlight                                               14.1" Laptop backlight led strip

                 LG LCD Panel: LP154WX7-TLA1                                    Samsung LCD Panel: LTN141AT12



                13.3" Laptop led backlight bulb                                           5.4" GPS backligh Led light Strip

       Samsung LCD: LT133EE09300/LT133E09300                          NEC LCD:



                  21.5 " Monitor Led backlight                                               31.5 "TV Led backlight strip



                  6" Copy machine led backlight                                            23" Monitor led light bulb backlight



                 6.2" POS Light strip for LCD                                                  480mm backlight Led light bar

     Hitachi LCD: TX16D11VM2CAA (LED replacement)                          Led light bar instead CCFL


             15.4" Laptop backlight led light strip                          15.6" Laptop backlight led light bulb 

                  Chimei LCD: N154C6-L02                                         AUO LCD: B156WX02-V0-04



                  13.3" Notebook Led strip                                    12.1" Notebook Led backlight strip

         Chimei N133BGE-L41/N133BGE-L41-C1                                Toshiba  LTD121EWUD