Cold Cathode UV lamp / CCFL UV lamp

The CCFL UV lamp emit much visible light or emit a lot of ultra violet light that you can not directly see. what little light you do see directly is a very deep purple, it can used for smaller paper money testing machine. the ultraviolet wavelength of the tube is 365nm+-5nm. uv lamp other application: germicidal,  photocatalyst sterilizing facilities, photocatalyst auto oxygen.

Ultraviolet radiation is a kind of invisible light whose wavelength range is from 136nm to 400nm, CCFL UV lamps are divided into three wave bands: A,B,C and vacuum ultraviolet radiation.
UV A CCFL: Wave band:320nm-400nm
UV B CCFL: Wave band:275nm-320nm
UV C CCFL: Wave band:200nm-275nm


                 UVC CCFL with wire harness                                      UVC CCFL with wire harness


              BLB UV CCFL with wire harness                                     UVA CCFL with wire harness