CCFL Silicone cap 


Many brand's and size LCD panel backlight's CCFL end cap are little different, the CCFL lamp cap need to match both end the refector rail's fixed hole, otherwise it will caused the backlight brightness distribute evenly.


CCFL cap  divide four parts in OVL, Single hole CCFL end cap for Laptop / GPS / ATM panel, Dual hole CCFL end cap for Monitor, Desktop, TV backlight screen, Triple hole CCFL end cap for Monitor, Desktop, TV screen, Big CCFL end cap for TV panel. 


OVL (Nanjing) Electronics has kept more than thousand CCFL rubber cap tooling, which can meet ATM, GPS, Laptop, Desktop, Monitor, TV LCD panel's backlight CCFL, such as Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, NEC, Auo, Chimei, Chunghwa, Innolux, Hannstar, Samsung, LG display, BOE's backlight. 




                  17" Desktop CCFL silicone cap                                            19" Desktop CCFL rubber cap



                   2.60mm CCFL cap  OVL-0014                                           2.0mm CCFL rubber cap  OVL-0017



                  Toshiba Lcd CCFL cap  OVL-0042                                     2.60mm CCFL end cap  OVL-0020



                   4.0mm CCFL rubber  OVL-0008                                      Sharp Lcd CCFL cap  OVL-0022



                  2.0mm CCFL rubber cap OVL-3209                                    Laptop CCFL rubber cap OVL-3461



                     AUO Lcd CCFL cap  OVL-3466                                      Samsung Lcd CCFL cap OVL-3647



                      19" Lcd rubber  OVL-3116/3117                                          19" CCFL cap OVL-3135/3136



                     Desktop CCFL cap  OVL-3169/3170                                    Monitor  CCFL cap OVL-3367/3368



                        17" CCFL cap  OVL-3369/3370                                        17" CCFL rubber  OVL-3545/3546



                     TV CCFL lamp cap   OVL- 6001                                        37" TV CCFL bulb cap  OVL-6014