LCD panel encoded mode
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All main LCD panel manufacturer have their way to code the panel number, they will choice a fairly long sequence of English words with digits. It is very interesting, different LCD factory’s panel first English letter is different, maybe they have agreed? I listed some LCD panel first letter are as below;

1.LG-Philips      LP/LM

2.Samsung         LT/LTN/LMS

3.AUO               B/UB/M

4.Chimei            N

5.Chunghwa      CLAA

6.Hannstar         HSD

7.TPO               TM/TD

8.Hitichi           TX

9.NEC               NL

10.Sharp           LQ/LM

11.Toshiba       LTD/LTM

12.Innolux        MT

13.BOE             HT/HV

14.Mitsubishi    AA

15.Sanyo           TM