Manufacturer of Cold cathode, CCFL bulb, CCFL lighting set, LCD backlight LED bulb / LED light strip, LCD backlight LGP,  Film / Sheet,  CCFL silicone end cap, CCFL connector, LED light panel, LED X-ray film viewer.

1. LCD backlight CCFL (Cold cathode lamp) / CCFL bulb / CCFL tube 

2. Wired CCFL / CCFL with wire harness / CCFL accessories 

3. CCFL rubber cap / CCFL end cap, CCFL wire set

4. Cold cathode (CCFL) PC Kits / CCFL Sound controller

5. External electrode lamp (EEFL) / EEFL Inverter / EEFL Light panel

6. LCD backlight  LED light bulb / LCD LED strip / LED strip backlight

7. Laptop backlight LGP,  backlight Films,  LCD Reflector Film

8. Led light strip / Led light bar / Led panel light / Led X-ray viewer